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Sum 41 dream!

 Wowww. I'm the first dream to post! As you can tell by my other user name, I am in love with Jason "Cone" McCaslin of Sum 41. Guess what? I had a dream about him! Here it goes:

I was in Disney World, Magic Kingdom to be exact. There was a big crowd gathered in front of the Castle (Cinderella's castle) I pushed through and asked what was going on. I finally got to the front of the crowd and saw Sum 41 walking with their guards. Suddenly, the scene changed: I roller skating uncontrollably outside this hotel. The color of the building was light gray and the poles and bars were colors of red, yellow, green, and blue. I was actually looking for Sum and knocking on the doors as I skated past. My guy friends appeared at the ground floor, while I was at the second or third floor. They were sticking their tongue out and making fun of me like little children. I stopped skating and threatened I get them back! I skated on the rails and chased them around. I heard my mother yelling at me for being a "racket". The three guys came out drying their hair with towels. 
I was in this ship and I "talked" to the guys from Sum. I asked Cone " 'sup?" he said not much. Some fan girls were hugging and kissing him. He seemed to like it, so I crawled off (the ship was small)...
There's more but I don't wanna bore anyone.
I can't translate this! It's too weird! Can anyone please do it for me?

                                                                                                                           MayMcCaslin33 :)


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